The idea for these nails came to me the other day and I finally tried them out today.  They’re actually really simple to do, but they came out a little messy because it took a while to gain control of the dotting tool I was using, hence why there are no photos of my thumb because I practiced on it!  But I did take photos whilst I did them so I could make a tutorial for you all!


  • Clear nail varnish: I used Barry M’s “All In One Clear Nail Paint”.
  • A light nail varnish: I used white.
  • A dark nail varnish: I used black.
  • A fairly large dotting tool.  If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can find out how to make one here!
  • Ear buds/q-tips and nail varnish remover which aren’t pictured above because I was too lazy to take another picture.

Let’s start!

  1. Apply a coat of clear nail varnish, followed by two coats of your chosen colour of light nail varnish.
  2. Once this has dried, drop a little of your chosen colour of dark nail varnish onto some paper.  Take your dotting tool and dip it in the nail varnish.
  3. Make a single dot in the centre of your nail as your starting point.  Then, add dots around that dot.  You can make the dots as close together or far apart as you like, but you’ll need to dip the dotting tool back in the nail varnish each time.
  4. If you take the dots all the way up to the edge of your nail, you’ll more than likely end up with nail varnish on your skin.  Carefully remove it using an ear bud dipped in nail varnish remover.
  5. Once the dots have dried, finish your nails off with a clear top coat!

And there you are!  Dotty nails!  Just remember to clean the tip of your dotting tool with some nail varnish remover to keep it clean.